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Beatrice’s Baptism

On the 15th of March, Beatrice had her baptism in front of the whole school.

Beatrice chose two people to be the altar servers; Breanne and Francis. She also chose these people to read the scriptures; Ella, Nardos, Angelei and Esipito.

Firstly, Father prepared the blessed water and the candles. Then he handed out the booklets with Mass responses . Next he read from the booklet and Beatrice’s family responded.

After that Father Ephrem asked Beatrice’s mother to bless her chest and the forehead. Then Father said some more prayers.

Following this, Father called Beatrice up to get baptised with the holy water. After that Father lit the candle and asked some questions of her mother and her godparent.

Finally, Father took Beatrice’s candle and lit it, then said some prayers. Now Beatrice is welcomed into the christian family.

By; Beatrice and Christiana

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