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On Friday the 12th of May Cardinal John came to visit St Patrick’s Primary School. The whole school was excited.

We had two students to welcome him, their names are Akash and Matthew. Afterwards we sang our school song.

Cardinal talked about his favourite parts of being a: priest, bishop, archbishop and cardinal.He also talked a little about his background like how he got taught by the St Joseph’s sisters and went to St Joseph’s school.

Cardinal also talked about his coat of arms and what it means to him. At the top of his coat of arms is a hat that cardinals used to wear. In the middle there is a bible. The A means the alpha and the O stands for omega (the beginning and the end). He chose his motto from the prophet Baruch ( 5:4 ). Behind the bible there is a shepherd’s staff this is symbolic of a shepherd and his sheep. Behind the staff there is a Metropolitan cross.

He also talked to us about the archdiocese of Wellington. Cardinal taught us about the synod prayer that we are praying for the synod meeting. The synod meeting is really important to Catholics. The actual meaning of the word synod is journeying together which comes from two greek words (syn hodos). The synod meeting is a big event that lasts for three days.                                    

The Cardinal told us that if a cardinal is 80 or above he cannot vote for the next pope.

When Cardinal John was about to leave two students named Angelei and Daniel thanked him and sang a song called Mo Maria.

Our school enjoyed having you here, Cardinal John.

Enjoy your synod meeting in September.
Written by Adriana Avila Castro and Angelei CaneteIMG_5351 Coat of arms IMG_5337 IMG_5344 IMG_5365 logo2

Thank you speeches


Cardinal John,

On behalf of the students and staff of St Patrick’s Primary School, we thank you for sharing your precious time with us.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us and for the love you have shown us. We are really honoured to have the opportunity to learn from you and to get to know you personally. We hope you will visit our school again and look forward to meeting you elsewhere, too.



We would also like to thank you, Cardinal John, for the work you do for the Catholic Church. You are an inspiration to us all and we know we are truly blessed to have you as our leader.

We love your humble approach and your desire to be Christ-like. We appreciate that you are a wonderful role model for us.

As Catholics we are proud that we have leaders such as you and Pope Francis.

We pray that God will continue to bless you and the work you do.

We look forward to meeting you again and would like you to know you are very welcome at our school any time.

God bless you.