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On the 31st May Room 2 met two wonderful women named Leona and Judith. They were here to teach us the psalms and readings for church.

We were allowed to choose if we wanted to read or sing. It was a good opportunity to use our talents.

We separated into two groups; the singing group was with Judith practising the psalm and the alleluia and the readers were with Leona practising reading the first reading.

In the singers group, Esipito, Blake and Sacha had a go at singing on their own, showing their confidence.

In the reading group Leona instructed us to share the papers and take turns reading a first reading.

Most of us were nervous to sing on our own but we still gave it a go.

Esipito and Breanne were chosen to lead in our first Mass on the 13th June. Leona said there will be plenty of opportunities for us all to have a turn.

It was time for Leona and Judith to leave and they will return to practise with those chosen for the first Mass.

We’re looking forward to meeting them again and to improving our talents, helping our parish to pray.

Written by Room 2