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NZSL Sign language week

On the 6th of June a wonderful woman named Rosie came to our school for Sign Language week. She taught all the classes signs like animals, colors, numbers, alphabet and to fingerspell our names.

Since Esipito’s brother was deaf, she was able to teach us some of the signs. We communicated with each other using Sign and what we like for example, “My name is ____.” and “My favourite colour is ____ “. Rosie was really smart and she was wonderful at teaching us.

After we learned how to sign animals and colours, other children started to help Rosie teach, like for example, Frank came up to count in Sign. Rosie taught Room 2 some of the numbers. Next, she taught us how to count back from 10 and once we had reached 0 we signed blast off!

Afterwards we said thanks to Rosie for teaching us how to sign animals, colors, numbers and more. When we had thanked Rosie we said goodbye. Everyone in Room 2 had a blast with Rosie teaching us about signing different things.

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