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The Catholic Review

On Thursday the 8th of June, we had special guests visiting our school. They came to look at our R.E. lessons to see what we were learning about Jesus and God.

Mr Flemming watches our prayer session

Mr Fleming came into our classroom which was a surprise while the kids were getting ready for their prayers. He watched us doing prayers with a smile on his face and quickly wrote some notes
down on a piece of paper.

Catholic Review Team Interviews Some Kids.

The Catholic review team borrowed some kids to be interviewed for what they knew about this school. The Catholic review team talked about Gospel Values and how we showed them in our school.
They, also, asked the kids some questions about this school.They liked how the kids communicated  

with each other and had lots of fun. Also, the Catholic review team had fun.


Mr Flemming visits our class once more

Mr Flemming, once again, popped in our classroom as a surprise while we were reading the Gospel reading,The Good Samaritan. Then our teacher Ms D’Souza came up with a smashing idea, for us to get into groups of four and act out a drama along the lines of The Good Samaritan story. Our class was full of joy and went away to practise their plays. Ms D’Souza said we didn’t need to copy the Good Samaritan story but to pretend that we were involved in a similar situation in a modern setting where we could demonstrate making a Christian choice like for example when we are playing soccer. After all the groups had practised and showed their dramas to the class in all of those stories there was one important message to always help each other and not be mean to each other.


The Time That We Waved Bye To the Catholic

Review Team

It was a sad time when our really special guests were leaving but before that we did some finishing touches to show that we were proud of our school. Room 2 and Room 1 got a chance to read a special greeting in their language. After all the mihi were done there were two kids that made a lolly necklace to give to the Catholic review team, that was really awesome. With the Catholic review team we had lots of fun and learnt new things about God.


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