Ethnic Food Fair! Friday 17th November 2017

Come along to our Ethnic Food Fair!  Friday 17th November @ 5.30-7.30pm There will be oodles of delicious food from all over the world so bring your friends and dinner is sorted! PLUS we will [...]

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NZSL Taster Lessons

NZSL Sign language week On the 6th of June a wonderful woman named Rosie came to our school for Sign Language week. She taught all the classes signs like animals, colors, numbers, alphabet and to [...]

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The Catholic Review

The Catholic Review On Thursday the 8th of June, we had special guests visiting our school. They came to look at our R.E. lessons to see what we were learning about Jesus and God. Mr [...]

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The Gift of Friendship

I love this photo which captures something of Caleb’s delight in having received this gift from his friend, Melioni. I, also, love that Melioni has, of her own accord (at home), made a model depicting her [...]

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Preparing for Mass Ministries

On the 31st May Room 2 met two wonderful women named Leona and Judith. They were here to teach us the psalms and readings for church. We were allowed to choose if we wanted to [...]

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Caritas’ Visit to SPPS

On Monday the 22nd of May Michael Stewart from Caritas* came to St Patrick's Primary School. He came to tell us about the natural disasters that have happened around the world. First he talked to room [...]

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Cardinal John’s Visit

On Friday the 12th of May Cardinal John came to visit St Patrick's Primary School. The whole school was excited. We had two students to welcome him, their names are Akash and Matthew. Afterwards we [...]

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Holy Week Liturgy

As we took our seats and waited a slide on the data projector invited us to pray for Jarrod, a teenager who has been in a coma since a car crash in December, and his family. Classes [...]

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The Stations of the Cross

On Wednesday we had the Stations of the Cross, this is a time of prayer and respect. We journey through the day Jesus died for us to forgive our sins and give us eternal life [...]

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Beatrice’s Baptism

Beatrice’s Baptism On the 15th of March, Beatrice had her baptism in front of the whole school. Beatrice chose two people to be the altar servers; Breanne and Francis. She also chose these people to [...]

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